Limbaugh Smear Letter at $851,000

I was surprised when it passed $100,000 . . . with 20 more hours to go on the eBay auction of the letter from Harry Reid and 40 other senators asking Clear Channel to condemn Rush Limbaugh, can a cool million be next?

Turning the cheap politics of personal destruction into a huge windfall for a needy charity.

Only in America.


eneils bailey said...

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have just called the makers of "Preprearation H," because they are taking this one squarely and deservingly so, up the ass.

"Please, Please, rub it on that big hole that Limbaugh made."

Zsa Zsa said...

HA! Hahaha!... Somehow it is quite fitting for Prep H to be in the same sentence as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid...