Is Pelosi Working On Impeaching Bush?

God I hope so, that would be monumentally dumb politics for the gang that can't shoot straight:

Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-Culver City) spoke in front of an audience of some 150 activists from various LA antiwar organizations at an Iraq Town Hall meeting in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 14th hosted by California Assembly Majority leader Karen Bass and the ‘47th Assembly District People’s Council’ at Hamilton High School.

The audience responded angrily when Watson responded to a call for the impeachment of President Bush by saying, “We simply don’t have the votes.” After groans and boos and at least one cry of “At least do something!”, Watson went on to say, “Right now, Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi is working very quietly and very effectively, behind the scenes. "We need 285 votes to uphold an impeachment, and so far we have 260 members telling us they support impeachment.”

Sounds like nothing more than a lame attempt to placate the petulant adolescent base of the Democratic Party.

Via Jeff Goldstein.

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zsa zsa said...

I think we should impeach Pelosi! AND a few other of the dumb Dems.