Do Awards Mean A Damn Thing Anymore?

According to Chris Matthews is about to receive some prestigious award I've never heard of called the Reeves Award for, get this:

"excellence in writing or speaking about Churchill's life and times, or for applying his precepts and values to contemporary issues among the English-Speaking Peoples," according to the affair's invitation.

Well sure this makes about as much sense as giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Yassir Arafat, the man who perfected the suicide bomb vest (but oddly and sadly never tested the prototype himself). After all, it was Chris Matthews who wrote Jimmy Carter's notorious 'malaise speech' which was of course downright Churchillian in placing the blame for America's failed leadership squarely where it belongs: on the American people themselves.

Jack Shafer gushes a little bit here about Matthews:

Legendary. Supporter of democracy. Learned reporter. Distinguished. Prolific. All of these words may capture Matthews' character, but not as well as do flighty, braying, shameless, and opportunistic. It's a shame that nobody gives a Sammy Glick Award. Matthews would be a cinch.

One wonders why they awarded it to Matthews - after all, Rosie O'Donnell has lots of time on her hands these days and, wow, have you read any of her haiku? Churchillian doesn't begin to describe them.

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