Is Hillary Rodham Clinton Surging?

First of all, it is no longer just 'Hillary'. All references to presidential candidates will now include their middle names. Just to be fair to everyone.

HRC has stemmed the hemorraghing in the polls in Ohio, and may have climbed back into the margin-of-error in Texas. Mark Penn is naturally crediting the 3 a.m. phone call ad that seems to have made people question, rightly or wrongly, whether a noob named Barack HUSSEIN Obama should be the one to pick up the call. The photos of Obama in vaguely sort-of-Muslim-looking attire didn't help. We all know that the success of that ad isn't due to HRC actually having been tested handling disasters.

There is this thing called NAFTA-gate coming out that makes BHO look like some kind of inside-the-beltway panderer who changes his message depending upon what crowd he is performing miracles upon.

He seems to be a little two-faced when it comes to Israel, as well.

And of course there is that old-school Chicago corruption problem that isn't going away soon, either.

Not to mention, BHO just needs a new speech. Touting HOPE and CHANGE might still work on swooning teen girls, but even those who don't pay much attention to politics are now wondering what it will actually mean for the future.

I am so torn! Yeah, like Rush Limbaugh says, when you have a chance to show the cross to the vampire, you do it. I would love to see HRC finally get doused with Dorothy's bucket of water. But she is also so eminently beatable in the general election compared to BHO, and so whatever happens tomorrow it is a big win-win.

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