Chavez Says 'FARC You' To Colombia

Raul Reyes

Is there any lower life form than a Marxist narco-terrorist?

How about the guys who bankroll them, such as Hugo Chavez. Colombia has proof that Chavez gave $300 million to FARC in the wake of the death of their caporegime Luis Edgar Devia Silva, aka Raul Reyes. Reyes was killed inside Ecuador last Saturday by Colombian forces, along with 20 other guerrillas.

Evidence found in computers seized showed that Ecuadoran President Correa "has a relationship and commitments with Farc", and that "other evidence in the computers suggests FARC purchased 50 kilograms of uranium this month." For peaceful research purposes, no doubt.

This has led to Chavez taking South America to the brink of war. War? It sounds like Chavez has been waging war against Colombia ever since FARC took him on as a stooge while planning his next coup against the government of Venezuela.

P.S. I wonder what Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are planning to do about this. Check that . . . I wonder if they even realize what a serious situation this is. If they are even aware of it, that is.

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