Hillary's 'Fearmongering' Ad

Check out this desperation 'Hail Mary' ad from Hillary:

The wheels are coming off Hillary's campaign, but you have to admit that for a lot of people her image remains solid. There are a lot of Democrats, independents and maybe even some Republicans that really believe Hillary is the best person to pick up that telephone in the middle of the night. Why would anyone believe that, however? She never had a security clearance in the White House, and so she was never privy to national security issues. Hillary has never been tested in an emergency - so where does this assumption come from that she has proven herself to be calm and collected during a catastrophe?

Once again we see Hillary trying to lay claim to something to which she is not entitled. Or at least no more entitled than Obama is. She has laid claim to other things such as 'competence' and 'experience' also, again with no justification for doing so. This is a testament to Hillary's ability to build her own image, which even now seems to remain intact for the most part.

Or, you could be one of those people who sees through the fluff and laughs at this commercial for the ridiculous premises it rests on.

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