Hillary Recycles Bill's Old Campaign Slogan

Hillary Clinton's NEW and IMPROVED (and DESPERATE) campaign strategy is now going to focus on the economy. As the Buffalo News points out however, Hillary does not exactly have a very good record at following through on promises to revive the economy:

BRIDGETON, Mo. — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton conceded Sunday that she “might have been a little exuberant” when she predicted she could bring 200,000 jobs to Western New York as a senator but stressed that she would do a far better job on economic issues than her chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

In an interview with The Buffalo News after a town hall meeting on economic issues in this St. Louis suburb, the New York senator blamed Republicans for getting in the way of her economic plans and criticized both Obama and the GOP presidential front-runner, Sen. John McCain, for their approach on economic issues.

Asked if she regretted her 2000 campaign pledge, Clinton said: “Well, I might have been a little exuberant, but I thought we could do it.”

Typical Hillary Clinton. She claims that she is the experienced candidate even though her opponent has served more years in public office than she has. She claims to be a real agent of change who has actually gotten things done, when the only thing she has ever accomplished on her own is getting elected to the Senate. She claims to be ready for office on day one, yet the one time she was put in charge of something, national healthcare, it crashed and burned on the runway. She tried, laughably, to claim the ethical high ground over Obama by pointing to his shady real estate pal Tony Rezko. Norman Hsu was not available for comment.

Finally, at long last, her campaign theme is it's the economy, stupid? Where have I heard that before?

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