Bill Clinton, NeoCon

Via Gateway Pundit we find that ten years ago, Bill Clinton made a powerful case for war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq:


These kinds of counterexamples to irrational Bush hatred are just so much fun, because it leaves liberals sputtering when trying to explain why war against Iraq is somehow okay when a Democrat proposes it, yet wrong when a Republican proposes it. Bush relied on the same intelligence and same assessments that Clinton did, yet Bush is charged with 'lying' because he did not have the magical clairvoyance to see that the intelligence was wrong. What is good for the goose is good for the gander - if Bush was a liar, then so was Clinton. Well I guess we can't blame the Democrats after all. They have always been perfectly comfortable with Bill Clinton's lies.


Bigfoot said...

Thank you, Mr. Bill, for making Dubya's case before Dubya even became president.

More quotes of Dems alleging Saddam had WMD here, many before Dubya took office. There are also a few media reports alleging contacts between Al Qaeda and Saddam's government. After Bush became president, the media became much more skeptical about any cooperation between the two having taken place.

Bigfoot said...

In case the link I posted isn't working right, I'll write out the URL:

I'm not sure I can see the end of the URL, as I preview this comment. That's a "html" at the end.

Dolf Fenster said...

Bush relied on the same intelligence and same assessments that Clinton did...

Ken, please--on the eve of the invasion in '03, not only did Bush have 5 additional years of intelligence (not his, of course), but there were inspectors scouring the country, with nothing like the resistance about which Clinton was speaking back in '98, and finding nothing (because there was nothing to find).

But let's assume, for the sake of argument, and because their politicians, that both Clinton and Bush lied about Saddam's WMDs. Clinton wasn't the complete fool who invaded Iraq, undermanned and underplanned, while we were engaged in the clean-up of our gravest enemy in Afghanistan. In the context of the greatest U.S. foreign policy fiasco of the last 40 years, Bush's having lied us into it is only a very small part thereof.