Success Dawns On Rank-And-File Dems

It was inevitable - when the good news coming from Iraq is too obvious to ignore or marginalize, the public picks up on it, as in this AP-Ipsos poll:

The poll showed a nearly even division over whether President Bush's troop increase this year has helped stabilize the country, with 50 percent saying no and 47 percent yes. Just three months ago, only 36 percent said yes.

By 52 percent to 41 percent, most said the U.S. is making progress in Iraq. When AP-Ipsos last asked that question in September 2006 — a time when vicious sectarian attacks resembled a civil war — just 39 percent saw improvements under way.

While far greater proportions of Republicans than Democrats think progress is being made, even growing numbers of Democrats agree. The portion of Democrats saying the troop increase has helped stabilize the country has nearly doubled since September to 26 percent, and the number saying the U.S. is making progress has shown similar growth.

For many Democrats, though, the gains are seen as tentative.

"Yes, there's been progress, but I don't think it will be long-term," said Regina Pitts, 51, a Democrat from Fairview, Tenn. "We can't stay there forever and babysit."

Regina Pitts form Fairview, Tennessee is woefully uninformed about U.S. national security history. We have been babysitting forever in Germany, Japan and Korea, and have long overstayed our welcome in Bosnia as well. Perhaps Ms. Pitts actually does realize this, but sees Iraq as a 'special case' that is somehow immune from the normal course of how these things work. In any event, it is great to see the fair weather fans among the great Democratic masses finally coming around to admitting success in Iraq.

The anti-war movement is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

(h/t Dave Price)

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