Surprise! Big Hillary Contributor In Trouble With The Law

Mauricio Celis

A big democratic contributor was just busted in Texas for practicing law without a license, perjury, and impersonating a sheriff's deputy.

The impersonation charge is quite interesting:

"In that case, police reported that a naked woman ran from Celis' home to a convenience store, claiming she had been in a hot tub and groped against her will. Celis quickly followed her into the store, wearing a bathrobe. He flashed a sheriff's deputy badge from a nearby county and told police at the store that he would take custody of the woman, police said."

Celis has also been arrested on charges he held himself out as a lawyer, and even owned a controlling interest in a law firm even though he is not a lawyer. He was also indicted on perjury charges.

According to the story above, Celis has contributed thousands of dollars to candidates, including Hillary Clinton, and according to, Chrisopher Dodd.

Ed Morrisey also has this to say about Celis:

How important is Celis? In the last three cycles, Celis donated over $110,000 to Democrats. Donations went to John Edwards, Claire McCaskill, Ken and John Salazar, and especially the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the DNC, the latter two of which accounts for almost half of those donations. Hillary Clinton received a maximum donation of $2300 from Celis in March, presumably for her primary fund. He's a fairly heavy hitter, especially here in Texas.

Candidates don't always know who is donating to their campaigns. It isn't necessarily a reflection on the candidate's integrity when unsavory contributors end up in the news. But the ever-growing list of indicted, felonious and illegal contributors to Hillary's campaign sure does seem like a bit more than a statistical blip. Does Hillary Clinton have any contributors who are on the up-and-up?


vote for hillary online said...

This is no big deal. Who isn't in trouble with the law these days under Bush's quasi-dictatorship?

Zsa Zsa said...

Vote for hillary online is really stretching. Blaming Bush for this one is just down right stupid! Stupid but funny! HA...