Ron Paul!!1!1! Has His Own Currency

It's like a textbook case right out of the Paranoid Style in American Politics. Ron Paul enthusiasts have been busted by the feds for striking coins as a protest against the Federal Reserve Bank and America's 'unsound' currency. There is nothing wrong with producing commemorative coins, for example, but passing them off as legal tender (by calling them 'dollars') is pretty much guaranteed to earn the ire of the Treasury Department.

Naturally, the fact that the jackbooted thugs at the FBI are taking exception to crackpots issuing rival, unauthorized currency means that we need Ron Paul all that much more:

"People are pretty upset about this," said Jim Forsythe, head of the Paul Meetup group in New Hampshire, who said he recently ordered 150 of the copper coins. "The dollar is going down the tubes, and this is something that can protect the value of their money, and the Federal Reserve is threatened by that. It'll definitely fire people up."

The Federal Reserve is 'threatened' by obtuse attempts to undermine our currency? You don't say.


Zsa Zsa said...

Ken... This is how Ron Paul has raised so much "Money". Gosh that is funny! Whistle said that & I can't stop laughing. HA!

Ken McCracken said...

Oh yeah, its money if Ron Paul says it is!