Violence Down 70% In Iraq

Drudge linked to a Reuters article detailing a 70% drop in violence in Iraq since the Surge came up to speed at the end of last June.

There are still pockets of violence in the country, and the article points to a localized rise of violence in Nineveh province, which is where much of al-Qaeda fled to after being beaten to pulp in the Surge.

The temptation here is to credit the Surge and General Petraeus for this success but, not to take anything away from them, the real slogging grunt work of taking on al-Qaeda has been going on ever since the fall of Baghdad, and we are now seeing the lagging results of those efforts. Today's success stories - and they are pouring in daily from Iraq now - were made possible during those times when things didn't look quite as bright.

There were a lot of us who were saying all along that things were not nearly as grim in Iraq as the press tried to portray it, and we can pat ourselves on the backs now for hanging in there and not giving up. It is the leftists who are, once again, on the wrong side of history.

Hey Hillary, I guess you can stop 'suspending your disbelief' now.


vlad said...

you are such a dick dude! essentialy your country went there and fucked up the whole Iraq and now you just sown the seeds of more hate in the middle east. anyway the numbers like 70% drop will only fool stupid americans that lay at home and watch their tv durring dinner and are mind fed these numbers. 70% drop sonunds ok in the number of attacks but there are many factors that the public isn't told about

Anonymous said...

fucking idiot.