Thank You, Democrats

The Democratic Party 'leadership' pushed a bill last week condemning the genocide of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, which infuriated our Turkish allies. This increased tension was one cause of recent worldwide oil price hikes, as doubts about Turkish willingness to help stabilize Iraq grew.

These higher oil prices now "help Iran mitigate the effects of any new sanctions" according to a New York Times article on the resignation of Iran's 'moderate' nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

The Iranian economy is in tatters, and high oil prices are the only thing sustaining it, as well as sustaining the mullahs nuclear ambitions. Irresponsible and short-sighted political stunts like those attempted by the Democrats last week are godsends to these tyrants, but the Dems are blissfully unaware of the implications of these actions. In their myopia, they think that only Bush will pay the price, and they don't care about the collateral damage suffered by others in the process. This is the same myopia that drives the anti-war movement: anything to punish or embarrass Bush and cause our defeat, but who cares if it results in a genocide of Iraqi innocents?

Now the Dems' purposely ill-timed Armenian genocide bill is only one small factor in worldwide oil prices, and alone is not determinative of the recent rises. You cannot say it will be a major cause of the Iranians achieving their nuclear ambitions, which seems assured at this point. Small as it was however, it was a factor in the mix. It is yet another drop in the steady drip of division and disaffection that keeps our nation disunited, weakens our resolve, and gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

It is time for Democrats to pay heed to the unintended/intended consequences of their 'get Bush' policies, and realize that ultimately it is the American people that pay the price.

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