Rush Limbaugh Has The Last Laugh (And How)

Rush Limbaugh is in possession of the original letter, signed by 41 Democratic Senators (including Hillary Clinton), sent to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays asking him to condemn Limbaugh for the fraudulent 'phony soldiers' controversy.

Limbaugh has placed the letter up for auction on eBay, proceeds to benefit the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Society.

There is a poetic kind of justice in all this.


Anonymous said...

I would have used it in the mens bathroom, at a large airport!!

Ken McCracken said...

Heheheh just make sure you use a wide stance.

Anonymous said...


Just think, 25 years from now, conservatives will be extinct.

Eat that McCracken. Your bull is incompatible with practically everyone born after 1983. I just hope you're still around to witness the demise of the most corrupt political party in the history of the United States.

Democrats are panderers, and I'm no big fan, but at least they go any way the wind blows. They will change with time, whereas Republicans simply cannot change at all.

Wipe yourself with that.

Ken McCracken said...

Heheheheheh your tender age shows your lack of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

You think that the Republican Party can ever hope to match the deep corruption of the Democrats? I live outside Chicago pal, where the Democrats rise from the grave to vote, and where their pets are registered voters. The Republicans can never hope to match the deep corruption of the Democrats. You guys own it.

You think your Democrats, with that just amazingly impressive 11% approval rating in Congress, is causing the Republicans to tremble?

Going any way the wind blows? This is supposed to show the Democrats are capable of change?? It would only be change if the Dems didn't pander.

Besides, the Republicans believe in prosperity, private enterprise, the Constitution, and lower taxes. Why change when we already have superior ideas?

Eat THAT, tender young fool.

Eneils Bailey said...

I think it is Hil(l)arious that the dims in the Senate thought they could intimidate the CEO of Clear Channel and Rush into cowering in the corner in fear of the "Fairness Doctrine" looming in the dim closet of insanity and lying.

I think this is a brilliant move on the part of Clear Channel and Limbaugh to put the original letter on EBay for auction.

Once again, the dims can't stand up and debate the issues honestly. It is the same ole crap of lies, deception, and Ad Hominem attacks that serves them and their far left supporters.

I often wonder what their strategy is to get back to the center for next year's election.