For The Moonbat Who Has Everything

Sam Kimery has invented something called the 'Fox-blocker', a little device that plugs into the back of your television that blocks Fox programming. It is hard to say exactly who this is intended for: liberals who cannot help themselves and might be tempted to click on Fox by 'accident'? Hippie parents who think they can save the world by keeping their children tightly sealed inside the cocoon? Hard to say; Kimery himself admits he doesn't even use his own invention.

Kimery claims to have received death threats over his invention. Putting aside the unlikely possibility that this is actually true, if you are issuing death threats to a whining liberal over this, you are not a conservative, nor even a wingnut. You are pathetic.

By the way, I came across the link about the Fox-blocker via the comments at a ThinkProgress post highlighting a Fox news piece that dared suggest that General Petraeus, fighting for democracy and the people of Iraq, is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than junk science huckster and hypocrite Al Gore.

Fox sure does have some nerve.


Zsa Zsa said...

Wouldn't you know the libs would need a devise to block out FOX. It is too easy to turn the channel...

Eneils Bailey said...

"For the moonbat who has everything," except maybe a brain.`

These people are too cowardly to have any kind of debate on a number of issues, this is one of them. To them, Fox News is the most biased major news outlet. Laughable, to say the least. They are like Algore on global warming, we have made up our minds, based strictly on far left political reasons and a degraded sense of social norms.