I Haven't Left The Republican Party, The Republican Party Left Me

Well I still consider myself a nominal Republican. But just barely. National security, the Iraq War and the GWOT are priority number one for me, so what am I gonna do, vote for Democrats? (insert boisterous laughtrack here). I am one of perhaps three or four people in the nation who actually thinks President Bush is doing a great job in the War on Terror. I prefer the grape Kool-aid, by the way.

But other than that, the Republican just suck out loud. Why? Because they have become Democrats.

Being corrupt like Democrats - Duke Cunningham was a particularly egregious offender here. Right up there with Dan Rostenkowski.

Spending money and bloating the federal budget - whatever happened to smaller government? Gratuitously increasing the size of government in order to pander to certain voting demographics is a sleazy Democratic tactic, it should be beneath the dignity of any self-respecting Republican, but apparently it is not. We did not need the Medicare expansions, No Child Left Behind, more farm subsidies and bridges to nowhere.

Defying the obvious will of the American people in order to shove a shamnesty bill down our throats - excusing illegal behavior and ignoring national security in order to suck up to a minority demographic. Again, behavior befitting pandering Democrats.

Kicking the can down the road - not taking Social Security reform seriously, to our eventual ruin. They are sharing the Democrats' "don't worry, be happy" attitude towards this looming entitlement catastrophe.

Not fighting Democrat slanders - the Republicans just let the press and the Democrats get away with blaming President Bush for the entirety of Hurricane Katrina, in a state with a Democratic governor and a city with a Democratic mayor. It all became Bush's fault somehow, and the Republicans never pushed back. And while the conservative blogosphere has done an awesome job of defending victory in the Iraq War, the administration and Republican congresscritters have dropped the ball time and again in making the case.

Acting like they are entitled to rule - treating Congress like some country club birthright, succumbing to arrogance and a culture of sleaze that used to be the hallmark of Congress when Dems ruled the place for 40 years. When you think you are entitled to something, you don't work hard to keep it.

No wonder the Republicans are starting to lose elections. Why vote for Democrat-lite, when you can vote for the real thing?

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Bigfoot said...

I couldn't agree more on the choice between Democrats and Democrats-lite. The two parties would serve us best by being different from each other, so as to give us voters some real choices.

It is indeed a tough time to be a conservative. One party opposes everything we stand for, and the other has its head you know where.