Carter Tortures US Some More

The ever-helpful Jimmy Carter is at it again, now claiming that the United States tortures prisoners.

In an interview with CNN, Carter said the United States "has abandoned the basic principles of human rights."

"I don't think it. I know it," he said.

How does he 'know it', one wonders. Carter is not privy to the procedures or operations at Guantanamo Bay, nor any other detention facility. We all know Carter does not have divine insight - his presidential administration proved that. So why does he present things as facts that he could not possibly know? Because any slander against the U.S. is to be instantly believed without question, apparently.

Carter doesn't know that we torture prisoners, because we don't. The linked article also says "the New York Times reported Oct. 4 that the Justice Department had issued secret memorandums in the past clearing the use of "harsh interrogation techniques," including head-slapping, simulated drowning and frigid temperatures." Head-slapping, simulated drowning (I expect they mean waterboarding here) and frigid temperatures simply are not torture. They do not cause permanent or even temporary physical or psychological injury.

Yet Carter has a large podium on which to speak, and the world listens to what he says (God only knows why). The world hears 'torture' and thinks the U.S. is drilling holes in peoples feet, or applying blowtorches to their skin. They don't have the facts presented to them, and people like Jimmy Carter create a woefully distorted image about how the U.S. treats detainees. He is doing tremendous harm to our image and our relations throughout the world by recklessly claiming we torture prisoners when nothing of the kind is happening.

Congraulations Jimmy Carter, you are both our worst president ever, and our worst ex-president ever.

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Eneils Bailey said...

Carter knows torture, I remember all the people screaming in the late seventies.
He should go back to sawing and hammering, probably the most significant and productive days of his life.