Putin's March To The Sea

Hey how about them Olympics! Oh yeah, and apparently there is some war going on in some place called Georgia that isn't in the southern U.S.

(via Stratfor via Tigerhawk)


Sakievich said...

I just wonder what Russia's real purpose behind this attack is. They've been seeding the region with Russians and handing out Russian passports for years to the locals. This region by itself has no major strategic value as far as I can tell. Why they've decided to go literally ballistic in this small region is unclear to me, unless it's a precursor to "protect" by invasion other Russian populations like those scattered in the Baltic states or other Eastern European areas. Remember the crazy events in Estonia when they moved a statue away from a bus stop and put it in a graveyard a year or so ago. Not only was there rioting by ethnic Russians but there was a major cyber attack on the country where the internet collapsed along with all the major networks of the country. Or perhaps, they just want to demonstrate they still have the capacity to project their power and protect whatever interests interest them.

Ken McCracken said...

I was wondering exactly the same thing.

Just what do the Russians hope to gain by this?

Sakievich said...

I've become more convinced that it has to do with two goals. One, to convince the world that they still have the power to control their neighbors. Two, control over petrol supplies. Russians are if nothing else, advance planners, they see the trends and if the US is not willing to control and take advantage of world energy resources (...not even our own...), they're more than willing to.