Barack Obama, Coward

Today in Berea, Ohio, hiding behind his telepromtper, and courageously facing a large throng of adoring Obamanoids, Barack Obama said this:

"So I’m happy to have a battle of words because I’ve got facts on my side," he concluded. "I’ve got truth on my side! I fear no man when I’ve got truth on my side!"

Then why is Obama so afraid to talk to Sean Hannity? After all, Obama has 'truth on his side' and Hannity is nothing but a rightwing hack, so why is Obama avoiding him? Of course it doesn't have to be Hannity, pick any rightwinger you like. Obama is afraid of all of them. I guess that makes Obama not only gutless, but dishonest as well: he does indeed fear many people even though he thinks he has truth on his side.

McCain, in contrast to Obama, fearlessly engages the press, and has subjected himself to fierce partisan grillings on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and any other venue that will allow him to speak. McCain handles the press very well, but that has come about by repeated practice. He now reaps the benefits: sure the press is in the tank for Obama, but they cannot bring themselves to excoriate McCain the way they would any other Republican.

Obama's reticence to subject himself to anything resembling a pointed question explains why he is avoiding townhall meetings with John McCain. Obama is deathly afraid of stepping into the ring where McCain feels very comfortable. Without his teleprompter, handlers and scripts, Obama is just "ah . . . uh . . . um . . .", a lot of fluff, and a lot of gaffes.

McCain, to his great credit, is not debilitated by any such fear of the opposition.

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