What Does Obama Even Stand For?

Obama has flipped and flopped so much, I am wondering if he even knows what he stands for. His campaign is a pretty awesome and well-oiled machine right now, it is only hampered by a candidate who shows himself to be preternaturally incapable of providing any policy leadership whatsoever.

He said he would pull all troops out of Iraq in 16 months regardless of what the generals say. Now he says he will 'refine' his views by listening to the generals, then ignore them and pull all troops out of Iraq in 16 months regardless of what the generals say. [ed. technically, I guess this is an 'evolving' flip flop]

He was for an undivided Jerusalem before he was against it. I love it when Obama wraps a flip-flop around a gaffe.

He thought public campaign financing was going to fix our democracy. But now that it is clear that Obama is the real cure for Democracy, his grassroots fundraising operation has magically become a parallel alternative to public financing, and here's hoping you'll buy that lame excuse and not see this for the craven abandonment of principle that it really is.

He thought that the FISA bill represented such a threat to the Fourth Amendment, a usurpation of power by the executive, and an indication of rising authoritarianism that he changed his mind and voted for it.

He was for gun control until it became a hopelessly untenable political position. Gun control now shares space with the other luggage under the Greyhound, right next to his grandmother and Reverend Wright.

Now he seems to be flip-flopping on abortion, too.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Bold prediction: as gas prices approach $5 a gallon and McCain gains political mileage by advocating drilling, Obama will 'refine' his petroleum views and suddenly the enviros go under the Greyhound as well. You know it's coming.

P.S. I wonder what the Kos Kidz think of Obama's evolving views. I never go to DailyKos unless Charles Johnson posts some anti-semitic rant from there, so I don't know if they realize yet that Obama has become the very thing they hate above all: a DNC DLC democrat. I'd call him 'republican-lite' but that would be a low blow.

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Congress Must Act Now

By: Lee S Gliddon Jr

Does anyone wonder just why neither the Senate or the House of Representatives is doing absolutely nothing about the high gasoline and diesel fuel prices? Why is it that they cannot see that the entire American economy is being adversely affected by the costly fuel prices that are driving up every cost we are faced with? Food, insurance, utilities, clothing, and every other imaginable cost is rising yet nothing is heard from Washington except denial after denial by, Harry ’Hands Up’ Reid, Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House Each of them deny allowing any Legislation to be voted on that will cure our economic woes.

Both Reid and Pelosi are not going to allow any actions to be taken until after November 2008. What this means is that you and I are to be faced with continuing price increases for another four (4) months!


Because they are betting that Barak Obama will win the Presidential election and then they might allow some Legislation as relief with major stipulations!

This is their fondest dream come true! This is exactly what Reid, Pelosi and the most Liberal crowd has been hoping for with all their might!

Why? Allow further explanation.

Once a piece of Legislation is submitted and approved by either Reid or Pelosi to go to the floor Amendments are allowed to be tacked on and voted for.

Imagine a Bill that says, “Offshore drilling allowable,” is allowed to the floor for debate. You can bet all that you own that such EARMARKS and Amendments will be added addressing, “Tax Increase, Big Oil sur-taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, Governmental Expansion, and GIFTS to their major contributors. With a person of their political persuasion, say Obama, as President sitting, no matter how small their victory margin that President will not Veto that Legislation! No matter how much waste and cost to the American Citizen is in that Legislation it will be signed in to Law!

If John McCain were to gain election their tactics would be to demand that their largess and tax increases were added or they would stand firm and vote against it!

Now, let me share another thing. A way for us, the American voters to STOP all this BS, and that is what it is, flat in its tracks! It takes guts and some time and effort but it would solve all of our problems in a heart beat! Each of you must not only write your Senators and Congressmen/women, demading immediate action and immediate Legislation to address our oil, energy and economic woes before a single piece of Legislation addressing anything else is, Noting except America’s energy interests and NO AMENDMENTS and NO EARMARKS!

If you decide to act, and I pray that you do, you must be willing to add a firm statement and mean it. In your letter you must inform each elected official you write that, whether Republican, Democrat, Liberterian or Independant of your intent to vote for his/her opponent if they fail to put America ahead of theier own interests!

I have already started and I pray that you will join with concerned Americans that do not want to see America as declining in the eyes of the world. At age 67, to be 68 later this month, I’m angry to see America fall into the disarry that it has…Sad…So very sad.