Real Patriots Hate America

. . . and only fake patriots actually love America.

Rob noted a self-loathing liberal still feeling shame over Abu Ghraib.

RealClearPolitics links to another guilty liberal who comes up with lots and lots of reasons to hate America (yet who oddly chooses to live here). He starts with that classic formulation: 'It’s not that I’m anti-American . . . ' and then goes on to be exactly that, laying the blame for all of our problems on those uniquely American ills of greed, ignorance and patriotism.

This is one of those embarrasing conceits of the left, that if everyone knew what they knew, wow, they'd spit on the flag too. If you love America and think it is a great country, you've obviously never opened a book that 'mattered'.

These leftists are guilty of exactly what they accuse the patriots of, that is, only seeing one side of the equation. Uncovering the crimes of America is what gives them worth, and assembling lists of America's shortcomings brightens their day.

Who wants a sourpuss like that around on the Fourth of July anyway?

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