Jesse Jackson, Jr. Throws Dad Under The Bus

In response to the Reverend Jackson saying he wants to 'cut Obama's nuts out' . . .

Even Jesse Jackson Jr., an Obama supporter and congressman from Chicago, condemned his dad's remarks. "I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson's reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama," he said.

This whole episode says volumes about how resentful and vengeful Jackson Sr. is about losing his self-appointed post as spokesman for black people everywhere. We can only hope this will push him off the stage for good, and good riddance. His hypocrisy and greedy corporate extortion harmed race relations, and his silly rhymes showed the paucity of his intellect. His poor leadership marginalized the needs and concerns of the black community, and if Barack Obama can move us beyond Jesse Jackson, Sr. we should all be grateful.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a far more respectable man than his father. He can actually speak without that strange diction his father uses, and he can string together cogent phrases without resorting to cliches or insipid 'poetry'. He also attained public office, something his father never could. His remarks about his father are quite scathing considering the source, which leads me to believe that he knows much more about the depth of his father's loathing for Obama than we even know after the 'nuts' comment.

P.S. The 'under the bus' phrase is wayyy overused, but still so much fun and seems obligatory in this case. It seems to be the cliche of the 'o8 election in the way the word 'gravitas' was in 2000.

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