George W. Bush, Free Market Patriot

A statement of Reaganesque clarity from our President:

Wiser words were never spoken. I hope Obama saw this, with dread.


MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Bush is a bag of shit worshiped by smaller bags of shit.

This is for you, Kenny. I didn't want you to miss it:

"Ken McCracker writes: "Oh my, you 'disgust' Moelarryandjesus.

Don't worry, anything walking on two legs that resembles an actual human being disgusts him also, so you are in good company.

Megan, you should ban the little troll forthwith."

Hey, Megan, speaking of "little trolls," if you want your apartment walls decorated with way-cool drawings of trolls and unicorns and faeries and the barbarians who (respectively, I suppose) kill, ride, and love them, get in touch with Ken. Ken's a giant (well, not literally) in the field of REALLY BAD FANTASY ART. He sold a painting once in Iowa. Jump all over this before he goes back to his first love, which was stealing catalytic converters or something.

PS - If you're allergic to unicorns Ken can erase the horn and make it a plain old horse.

PPS - But horsies with wings still cost extra!"

Mutant Pacifist said...

The obnoxious troll who commented above made me curious to read your blog, and I'm glad I did. Good blog.

I think Bush's remark about American consumers shows a lot more respect and less hypocrisy than the Hollywood jet set who propose one standard for the peons and another for their exalted selves.

Ken McCracken said...

Heheheh, thanks for coming by, both of you.

I need all the commenters I can get!

As long as it isn't spam.

B. Han said...

Market does work and he said it well, but then he went to do those offshore drilling policies that will favor oil companies.

I can only imagine what would happen if Bush or his ally continue to rule.

Actually came by a good novel about this, called America 2014; a fiction picturing a totalitarian U.S. in 2014, with no end to War on Terror a 4th term President George Blush rules, with America renamed "God's United States"; ring a bell to 1984; if interested go check it out at

Thanks for the reflection.

B. Han

Mutant Pacifist said...

It looks like an interesting extrapolation of BDS.

Mutant Pacifist said...

According to Instapundit, John Birmingham's forthcoming next novel, "Without Warning" has rather the opposite -- and more original -- scenario.