Boycott These Fascist Olympics

For the first time since the 1936 Olympics in Berlin 1980 Olympics in Moscow [ed. thanks for the reminder, Likwidshoe], a non-democratic state is hosting the world's games. This is stunningly shameful, and I urge all readers of whatever political persuasion to turn your back on the rehabilition of the butchers of Tiananmen.

Instead, I recommend taking a look at this presentation by the Holocaust Memorial Museum which, probably not coincidentally, is featuring the Nazi Olympics of 1936.

Just a blurb here about the Holocaust Museum: why in the hell is the United States hosting a holocaust museum? The U.S. liberated death camps and didn't create them, so it always seemed inappropriate to host a museum in Washington D.C. that implies that America was somehow culpable for that slaughter. Having said that, the Holocaust Museum is easily the most interesting and best-designed museum I have ever been to, and this is coming from someone who is a museum hound. I highly recommend a visit.

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