Does The Michelle Obama 'Whitey' Video Really Exist?

There is, allegedly and supposedly, some kind of video of Michelle Obama with Louis Farrakhan railing against 'whitey'.

Or is it 'why'd he', as explained by Jim Gerahty:

Apparently, if the tape ever comes to light, her words will sound something like:

Whitey cut folks off Medicaid? Whitey let New Orleans drown? Whitey do nothing about Jena? Whitey put us in Iraq for no reason?*

...when the intended message is,

Why'd he cut folks off Medicaid? Why'd he let New Orleans drown? Why'd he do nothing about Jena? Why'd he put us in Iraq for no reason?

As for whether the tape actually exists, Roger Stone of Fox News claims that it does, and Geraldo Rivera gives Stone props for being right about Eliot Spitzer:

Well speaking of Geraldo Rivera, this mysterious tape might end up having all the impact and drama of Al Capone's vault.

If not and it proves to be real, the only two white people voting for Obama this fall will be Bill Ayers and Father Pfleger.

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MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Roger Stone!

Did you belong to the same wife-swapping ring as Roger Stone, McCracker?

What sort of ignorant moron would think Roger Stone was a credible source?

I heard some crazy guy on the street yesterday saying that you blow dead dogs. I suppose I should believe it. After all, he's as credible as Roger Stone is.

PS - Were the dogs really dead or had you just knocked them out?