Mahdi Army Scores Another 'Victory'

At least that is how the MSM will probably spin the fact that the Iraqi Army dismantles Mahdi Army caches in Sadr City.

A few more victories like this, and Moqtada al-Sadr is finished. If he isn't already.

This is particularly interesting:

The Iraqi Army raided numerous Mahdi Army weapons caches in Sadr City May 22-23, Multinational Forces Iraq reported. The Mahdi Army has stockpiled weapons throughout the district. Eight of the armor-piercing, Iranian-made explosively formed projectiles have been found along with chlorine poison, eight roadside bombs, and large quantities of explosives, weapons, ammunition, and materials used to make bombs.

Someone please explain why we are supposed to talk to Iran when they are providing EFP's and weapons of mass destruction for the express purpose of killing our troops.

(Via Glenn Reynolds)

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