Is It A 'Federal Crime' To Criticize Democratic Candidates?

Get this: some pointy-headed writer for the New Yorker Magazine is complaining that last week's debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was 'something akin to a federal crime.'

Yes, how dare anyone ask Obama about his terrorist connections, or Hillary's brazen lies! Why, that time could have better spent trying to wedge a piece of paper into the policy differences between the two, just like all the previous debates. Or bashing a president who isn't even running for office.

Finally, in one debate, the Democrats got treated the way Republicans get treated in every debate.

At long last, Clinton and Obama were forced to confront their failings and their monumental judgement lapses before the American people. Character, judgement and truthfulness are always the top issues in a campaign, and no wonder the Democrats pretend they are trivial issues, and whine and complain with calls about how 'unfair' it is to even mention them.

It always turns out to be their downfall.

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