Hillary Won Texas! Except Not Really


But, hey, at least Clinton can make the case that she won big states like Texas, right? Sadly, no. Final numbers are still trickling in from the district and county conventions Texas held on Saturday (Step 2 in the state's electoral freak show), but it looks like Obama won the day—and, by extension, the state's March 4 vote. Clinton netted five delegates in the primary, but Obama's estimated nine-delegate net in the caucus puts him ahead of her. Clinton will continue to say she won Texas, but if you're talking about delegates, she didn't.

I remember reading that Texas had an arcane way of alloting delegates. This proves it, I think.

This comes from the Hillary DeathWatch at Slate.com, which puts her at a precise 9.4% chance of success in winning the nomination. Ann Coulter must be getting nervous.

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