We Are All Racists Now (Or Soon Will Be)

It's coming. If Obama wins the Democratic nomination for president and you don't support him, you are racist. Period. Speaking the truth about Obama does not absolve you, truth is no defense. Just ask Geraldine Ferraro, who uttered the indisuptably true statement that Obama would not be where he is today if he were white. How do we know this is true? Just ask John Edwards, another lawyer who ran for office on marginal political experience and a left-wing platform.

How ironic that a political pioneer like Ferraro could be excoriated like this, by Democrats of all people. The Democratic Party is built upon racial identity groups, affirmative action, and special rights for special groups . . . but Ferraro had the nerve to point out maybe Obama's candidacy is not purely meritocratic! The Dems can't have it both ways, and they would have been more honest to say that what Obama represents counts for perhaps as much as what he has achieved. It is fair to do that; Obama does in fact represent a racial coming of age for America, and that shouldn't be downplayed. To say it has nothing to do with Obama's success thus far just stretches incredulity, however.

What Ferraro said was pretty tame stuff, yet now the word 'racist' is being affixed to her. Expect much more of this type of thing to follow if Obama is nominated. It won't come from Obama himself - he is too savvy for that, and he has plenty of minions to speak for him. But they will speak, and they will try to bully, shame and silence anyone who does not support Obama, and they will happily tar anyone with the brush of 'racism' whether that person deserves it or not. Many people, like Obama's mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, seem to think that racism is inherent in white DNA.

What people like this do is completely debase the term 'racist'. The knee-jerk charge of racism is rendering the word meaningless and trite. Here is a an example, an article in Slate by someone whom seems so upset that the term racist doesn't seem to stick that well, and asks "who does a guy have to lynch around here to get called a racist?" Quotas for racists. That's a new one right there.

So the next time someone calls you a racist, admit to it. They are going to call you a racist regardless of your response, so why fight it? Why submit to the bullying? Just shrug your shoulders and watch the magic of the word 'racist' just evaporate before their eyes. Chances are great that you are no more racist than the person hurling the charge at you in any event. Would you even trust someone who claimed they never had a racist thought in their whole life?

More: Here is an odd quote from a Hillary supporter who has now shifted to Obama at least in part because of what Ferraro said:

When a kid, the sight of black people being mowed down with water hoses in Alabama made a Democrat out of me before I knew what a Democrat was.

Funny, considering that the guy who turned the hoses on the black people was a Democrat. This is like a German Jew saying that Kristallnacht turned them into a Nazi. Makes about as much sense.

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