Was Obama A Black Panther???!?!1?

Only me and my copy of Photoshop Elements know for sure:

I didn't think Obama deciding not to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem or his decision not to wear a flag pin was a big deal. Hell, I don't do either of those things myself.

Hanging that Cuban flag with Che Guevara's puss on it in a local campaign office was tacky. I'm sure they know better now.

Michelle Obama's statement that Barack's candidacy was the first time she was 'very proud' of America was an arresting thing to say, but I thought maybe she misspoke. Context and all that, you know.

Knowing that Obama's pastor was a pal of Farrakhan was no big deal . . . all three of those guys are South Siders and well-known community activists. Eh, so what if the guy gets up in whitey's face sometimes.

And okay, so Obama had a fleeting acquaintance with one of the Weathermen. Who hasn't?

But . . . all of these things added together did raise questions. The Rev. Wright thing is pretty damn shocking though. I mean, I've never heard Farrakhan say stuff that inflammatory, let alone Jackson or Sharpton. Imagine if Obama wins. Will Wright have access to the White House when Obama is in a crisis and needs his 'mentor'?

Are we ready for a Black Panther Party in the White House ballroom?

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