McCain Benefits From Democrat Turmoil?

Stubborn Facts informs us that John McCain is doing stunningly well at the polls:

* 67% of Americans have a positive view of McCain and only 27% have a negative view.
* His positive/negative numbers are better than both Obama (62%/33%) and Clinton's (53%/44%).
* McCain's approval rating jumped 26 points from what it was last summer, and 11 points since he won the party's nomination.
* McCain has a 52% favorable rating from Democrats and independents who lean Democratic, 13 points higher than Obama's favorable ratings among the GOP and right leaning independents.
* McCain has an 87% favorable rating from Republicans, which is better than Obama (79%) and Clinton's (80%) ratings among Democrats.

Indeed, the Gallup surveys show McCain whipping the Democrats as their fratricidal primaries drag on.

That old warrior McCain seems to have learned the lesson well that when your enemy is beating himself, get out of his way.

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