Hillary Is A Congenital Liar About Her Foreign Policy Experience

Of course she is. If she doesn't make stuff up, it becomes painfully obvious that she has no more foreign policy experience than Obama does.

Greg Craig, former State Department senior advisor:

She did not sit in on National Security Council meetings. She did not have a security clearance. She did not attend meetings in the Situation Room. She did not manage any part of the national security bureaucracy, nor did she have her own national security staff. She did not do any heavy-lifting with foreign governments, whether they were friendly or not. She never managed a foreign policy crisis, and there is no evidence to suggest that she participated in the decision-making that occurred in connection with any such crisis. As far as the record shows, Senator Clinton never answered the phone either to make a decision on any pressing national security issue – not at 3 AM or at any other time of day.

Craig goes on to chronicle Hillary's many and various lies when it comes to her foreign experience:

Lie #1 - Hillary Clinton said, “I helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland.”

Lie #2 - 'Senator Clinton has pointed to a March 1996 trip to Bosnia as proof that her foreign travel involved a life-risking mission into a war zone.' Sinbad, of all people, has shown this is a lie.

Lie #3 - On Kosovo, Hillary Clinton said, “I negotiated open borders to let fleeing refugees into safety from Kosovo.”

Lie #4 - Hillary Clinton pressured President Clinton to intervene in the Rwandan genocide.

Lie #5 - Some speech she gave in Beijing in 1995 shows she has experience handling foreign crises.

Her real foreign policy experience? Serving tea to the wives of visiting dignitaries. Visiting refugee camps. Performing onstage with a guy who won 'Star Search'.

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Larry H said...

What about Hillary's experience managing the "Bimbo eruption" crisis room for years?