Did A Corrupt Ba'athist Billionaire Finance Obama?

From the TimesOnline:

A British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions of dollars to Barack Obama's fundraiser just weeks before an imprudent land deal that has returned to haunt the presidential contender, an investigation by The Times discloses.

The money transfer raises the question of whether funds from Nadhmi Auchi, one of Britain’s wealthiest men, helped Mr Obama buy his mock Georgian mansion in Chicago.

Who is Nahdmi Auchi?

In October, 1959 he stood trial for conspiring with Saddam Hussein to assassinate Abdul Karim Qasim, the Iraqi Prime Minister at the time.

In December, 1990 he was convicted in France as part of the "gigantic investigation into the corruption of the Elf oil company, the biggest fraud inquiry in Europe since the Second World War."

He has ties to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Obama ally Emil Jones, and, allegedly, Barack Obama himself.

As Matt Drudge says, developing . . .

(h/t Rick Moran)

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