Why Do They Hate Thee John McCain? Let Us Count The Ways

First of all, the Keating Five was not a jazz ensemble. McCain 'proved' that campaign finance reform was necessary because he could not be trusted to do the right thing.

He tried to make amends by tearing out entire sections of the Constitution. The First Amendment is not a negotiable instrument to be bargained away to earn plaudits from the press (the only consituency that ever really gave a damn about campaign finance reform), but McCain found the First Amendment to be quite fungible in the name of increasing his political visibility. The man certainly has his priorities. What other parts of the Constitution, pray tell, might John McCain find inconvenient when his popularity is at stake?

Protecting the new and odious practice of filibustering judicial nominees by cementing it in place via the Gang Of Fourteen, does still more harm to the Constitution.

Amnesty, shamnesty, or anything even close to resembling citizenship for illegals is an insult to the rule of law, and to the hallowed tradition of legal immigration in this country. Dragging his feet on building a border fence to protect our sovereignty belies an ugly ulterior motive.

Fighting tooth and nail against the centerpiece of the Bush domestic agenda - significant tax cuts - was a remarkable act of disloyalty, a dismaying display of economic ignorance, and 'maverick' politics at its very worst.

He has an abiding faith in the voodoo science of global warming.

He publicly threw Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld under the bus, during wartime, yet again to earn kisses from the press.

He called the Swiftboat Veterans "dishonest and dishonorable", with no basis in his personal experience or the record to justify doing so.

Call it the McCain Mutiny, call it McCain Derangement Syndrome . . . these are troubling reasons to doubt McCain that are grounded in reality and facts, unlike the neurosis that is the Bush Derangement Syndrome. If he wins the nomination you will hear no more of this talk from me about McCain, and I will boost him as if he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan himself. But right now, this is the time to hold his feet to the fire and get some 'straight talk' that is aimed, for once, at Republicans and not his liberal masters who continually goad him into stabbing the GOP in the back.

Update: The governator of Caleeforneeah is endorsing McCain. It takes a RINO to know a RINO?

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Bigfoot said...

I've said it elsewhere, so I'll say it here. We might soon see the "safari election": the Hildebeast against a RINO.