Taliban Celebrates Bhutto's Death, Brit Commandos Crash The Party

If you can't see what's wrong with this news story about a British commando attack in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, you are obviously not a highly-trained, detached and objective journalist:

Royal Marines crept into position as the fanatics partied the night away just hours after Ms Bhutto was killed in Pakistan.

The bash was being held in ruined compounds a few hundred yards from Our Boys’ remote base in Kajaki.

Ragtag Taliban sentries tried to hit back with machine gun fire – but stood no chance against the heroes of 40 Commando’s Charlie Company.


The terrorists were pounded with mortars, rockets and heavy machine guns.

Two bloodthirsty revellers trying to creep towards Our Boys in a trench were spotted by thermal-imaging equipment – and targeted with a Javelin heat-seeking missile.

The £65,000 rocket – designed to stop Soviet tanks – locked on to their body heat and tore more than a kilometer across the desert in seconds.

Troop Sergeant Dominic Conway, 32 – who directed mortar rounds – grinned: “It must have had quite a detrimental effect on their morale.”

Sgt Conway, from Whitley Bay, Tyneside, said of the Taliban lair: “It used to be their backyard and now we’ve made it ours.”

Wow. This isn't journalism, it's editorializing. Which means par for the course when it comes to the MSM. But for once, this journalist got the editorializing right, and correctly deduced who the good guys and bad guys are. Too bad you would never see something like this in the U.S. I mean, no mention of quagmires or worsening situations or mounting casualties or anything like that. Just amazing.

By the way, isn't a 'Taliban party' an oxymoron on par with 'jumbo shrimp'? What do they do, beat women with exposed ankles like a pinata?


Linda said...

Ha! expose ankles. You are a hoot! Happy New Year, Ken! God bless you sweetie.

Linda said...

Ha!... Jumbo shrimp! I have got the giggles...

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