Nasrallah Brags About Having Israeli Body Parts

Gleefully gloating about how you have captured the body parts of your enemies is pretty much the definition of caveman barbarity.

"We have the heads, the hands, the feet and even a nearly intact cadaver from the head down to the pelvis," he said.
Well, 'caveman' pretty much exactly describes Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, who has literally been living underground since his 'victory' against Israel in 2006. He did come out into the sunlight for his first public appearance since the war, visiting a stadium in Beirut to commemorate the Shi'ite festival of Ashura.

A million of his followers came out to join him. I am surprised and disappointed that the Israelis didn't find him there.

P.S. Could you just imagine the response if Ehud Olmert made a public appearance and gloated over having the body parts of dead Hezbollah fighters?

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