Hillary's Down, But Not Out She's Toast

She's no comeback kid. Those wires are glowin', and Hillary is about to pop up ready to be slathered with butter and marmalade.

This is better than watching the Dallas Cowboys lose againandagainandagainandagain by several orders of magnitude (America's Team my ass).

Right after Iowa, Obama was polling only one point ahead of Hillary in New Hampshire, but now it looks like a real Obamalanche - the quite reliable Rasmussen, and CNN now put Obama a healthy twelve and ten points ahead respectively in the Granite State.

Kevin Drum is a bit miffed:

In related news, apparently the flinty-eyed independents of New Hampshire aren't quite as flinty-eyed as they'd like you to believe. After a solid year of town halls, coffee klatsches, and early morning doorbell ringing — because, you know, New Hampshirites take their electoral responsibilities so much more seriously than the rest of us — all it took was a few thousand Iowans to flip them from one side to the other in less than 24 hours. Feh.
Kidding? People love a winner! (and they like to back the right horse. . . ideology be damned. New Hampshirites are no less susceptible to this than anyone else).


Patrick Henry said...

A Hillary candidacy is much better than an Obama candidacy, for two reasons:

1. Hillary has such strong negatives that she is unlikely to get elected. Obama, on the other hand, who has many positive aspects, could win.

2. If elected, Hillary will revitalize conservatism. It will be far easier to oppose her attempts to socialize America than it would be to oppose President Obama, because as soon as anyone attacked or opposed Obama on anything, the race card and the racist smear would be brought into play--without fail.

While President H. Clinton would be a far worse president, she would accomplish very little. On the other hand, President Obama would have nearly free reign to implement his extremely harmful policies.

I'm counting on Hillary to make serious inroads in the states where she has more of a following.

Bigfoot said...

As the New Hampshire primary has shown, rumors of Hillary's toasting have been greatly exaggerated.

Zsa Zsa said...

Ken, IF Hillary wins who would take her place in the Senate? Bill?