Bill Clinton Needs Some Cheese With His Whine

America's least-presidential President shows just how he goes about belittling his own status. The link shows a CNN reporter asking for Clinton's reaction to Dick Harpootlian's claim that the Clintons are engaging in Lee Atwater-style political tactics against Obama. Clinton plays the trump victim card in response.

Is there anything less attractive than whining, especially coming from a supposedly accomplished politician and alleged 'genius' at campaigning? Perhaps this is indeed an unconscious (or conscious) attempt to derail Hillary's ride to the nomination.

The idea that Clintons are just honest folks working for the American people (can we put that tired old Clinton cliche to rest, please?) who would never, ever engage in smashmouth politics is just patently ludicrous - but apparently this whole schtick works on a great many gullible Democrats. After all, Bill Clinton's childish tirades do not seem to be diminishing Hillary's chances at victory.

Perhaps this routine works because perpetual victimhood is the very foundation of the Democratic Party. Whining isn't a bug - it's a feature!

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