We Must Destroy Hollywood In Order To Save It

Mickey Kaus linked to this article calling it "Steven Bochco's answer" as to why the recent spate of liberal hate-America movies out of Hollywood are all dismal failures. Well, the article oddly has no author listed anywhere (unless I am blind and missed it) so I will have to take Mickey's word for it.

'Bochco' quotes Lew Harris, editor of Movies.com:

"People want war movies to have a slam-bang adventure feel to them ... But Iraq is a difficult war to portray in a kind of rah-rah-rah, exciting way."

How do we know that? It hasn't been tried. It is also absolute nonsense. Think . . . Black Hawk Down. That movie did very well at the box office portraying American soldiers in an extremely tough situation blowing away enemies of America. What is so difficult to grasp about that? If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results . . . it is safe to say that Hollywood has lost its mind.

There is a profound justice in all of this. The wretched 'Lions for Lambs' is so unwatchable, and doing so poorly at the box office, that it might imperil MGM's ability to finance films. When is Hollywood going to look beyond its own bubble and start making movies that actually appeal to the American people . . . or at the very least don't turn them off? At some point, the bottom line will have to count for more than producers making movies just to please each other.

Between this and the writers' strike, Hollywood is in a deep quagmire from which it might not emerge. Is that really such a bad thing?


Zsa Zsa said...

Hollywood could benefit well IF they would show the first days when Saddam was hiding out. BUT it would be too much of a salute to GW Bush. Hollywood just doesn't have the mentality for a Republican President to be portrayed in a good light. Instead the Michael Moore mentality is what most film producers embrace. Personally I believe it is the backlash of the Clinton impeachment era that seems to be a slime stuck on our society. The Clinton's have made such a horrific impact on our country. AND they won't go away! Hillary wants to be President too much.

Zsa Zsa said...

Ken...One of my favorite all time movies is The Fires of Kuwait. It is an IMAX movie. I recommend it highly! There are alot of ways Hollywood could show why we are in Iraq. BUT Hollywood doesn't have the mentality to do so. Personally I think it would be refreshing to hear and see the truth for once. You know? Like real facts...