Torture Ain't What It Used To Be

Here is the best proof that waterboarding is not torture: no one volunteers to be tortured, ever. No one volunteers to have their skin blowtorched until it melts like a candle, or hung tied up over a bar like the parrot's perch torture, or have holes drilled into their head, or their body beaten until their internal organs are scrambled.

Yet here we have activists out on the street pretending waterboarding is the real thing. We are supposed to hold up the nomination of a potential attorney general's nomination over this? We are supposed to be ashamed of the Bush administration over this . . . hazing ritual? And it isn't even illegal? I can see why . . . as far as tortures go, this is pretty tame stuff.

This video is supposed to illustrate the horror of waterboarding, but all it does it mock the real thing. That woman might as well be yelling "you don't want to talk? Do you want THE COMFY CHAIR?" It has convinced me that it is not torture, and should be widely practiced against our enemies.


Bigfoot said...

So that's waterboarding? Putting a towel over the face and pouring water on it? Or is that merely what the demonstrators think waterboarding is?

Zsa Zsa said...

That isn't so bad. Whip me! Beat me! I'm trash!... Sorry, I got carried away.

Zsa Zsa said...

That guy needs to butch up! What a creep. He seemed to come out of it alright to me???