Syria Joins Doomed Annapolis Conference

The outcome of the Annapolis Conference, which begins Tuesday and will last for three days, is pre-ordained: it will accomplish nothing, and will prove to be a complete waste of everyone's time. The Conference is intended to bring the Arabs, Palestinians, the UN Security Council member states and Israel together to resolve issues on the way to the creation of a Palestinian state. The Palestinians do not want peace, however, their Arab allies do not want peace, and the Palestinians are in the midst of a civil war such that any nascent achievements from Annapolis will quickly be undone.

Syria decided to join the conference, once it learned that the issue of the Golan Heights might be on the table. The Golan Heights are an extremely strategic part of northern Israel (annexed in 1981), a natural tank trap of stone on a plateau that dominates the surrounding country. The Syrians used it as a fortress to reign terror down upon the Israelis until the Israelis seized it in 1967, and the Syrians are not getting it back, nor should they. Syria is not really serious about the conference anyway, sending a deputy foreign minister instead of the real thing, whom, it is being reported is going for no other purpose than to sabotage the conference and make sure no Arab states attending decide to recognize Israel.

The usual wonderful good faith and outreach to peace that the Arabs customarily show. No wonder this conference is doomed to fail.

Update: Hamas, naturally, has anything but peace in mind, according to spokesman Moussa Abu Marzouk - "Resistance to the Zionist enemy will intensify through the West Bank and Gaza, because Annapolis will expose the uselessness of the process and its destructiveness."

Is he making the point here that no diplomacy is less deadly than the 'just keep talking for the sake of talking' obeisance paid to diplomacy by the peaceniks? Someone had better email this article to Dennis Kucinich.

Another Hamas official, Ahmed Yousef, claimed that Hamas can make its rocket attacks deadlier by packing them with more explosives.

Yeah, these people want peace alright.


Bigfoot said...

Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Syrian government, and many other Arabs in the region do indeed want peace, but they define "peace" differently than we do. For them, "peace" is the non-existence of Israel. The amazing thing is that this definition has been around since 1948, yet our leaders, both Congressional and Executive, both Republican and Democrat, have yet to learn it.

Ken McCracken said...

Well of course the Arabs want the peace of the grave. Its the only 'peace' they understand.

Nathan Hale said...

The only problem with the standard definition of Arabs is that it ignores the fundamental issue that drives them: Islam.

Since Islamic "holy" writings explicitly tell Moslems to kill Jews, it is as Bigfoot said: there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as one Jew occupies so much as one square inch of sovereign Jewish land.

It's high time Israel and the US stopped wasting time engaging in dialogue with the Moslems, who are immune to negotiation, since there are no important points that they are willing to cede. It's time for Israel to go back to asserting and defending its right to exist.

BTW, could we ask the Israelis to help us build a wall to keep revanchist invaders our of our country?