A Republican Surge In '08?

Of course not, according to the sycophantic MSM, the correct meme is that the Democrats will triumph over all in '08 because . . . well it is hard say why, given the following:

Presidential Campaign

Democratic frontrunner: inexperienced, very high negatives, political tin ear. Could cause the downballot to collapse if nominated.

Republican frontrunner: executive experience (no on-the-job training necessary, Hillary), charismatic, good political instincts (either Rudy or Mitt fits this description).


Democrats: 11% approval rating for a Dem-majority Congress. Enough said. Remember how many of the freshman Republicans after '94 got swept back out of the House in '96? Dems are trying hard to repeat history.

Republicans: unfortunately, they have a natural knack for being effective only when in the minority.

War in Iraq

Democrats: we can still have a defeat, if we just try harder!

Republicans: proven right about the Surge. Continued abatement of violence vindicates Iraq policies, takes Iraq off the table as an issue. Evaporates the Democratic 'mandate' from '06.


Democrats: higher taxes are the answer to every problem, in every context, all the time.

Republicans: American like lower taxes. Who, seriously, votes to have their taxes raised?

National Security

Democrats: what's that?

Republicans: it ain't pretty, it ain't perfect, but at least wetake it seriously.

Illegal Immigration

Democrats: let's turn them all into Democrats as soon as possible.

Republicans: this is priority for many Republicans, independents and Democrats. We've learned that now!


Old news: Jack Abramoff, Bernard Kerick, Duke Cunningham.

New news: Norman Hsu, Fujian busboys, William 'Cold Cash' Jefferson (Democrat, Louisiana).


Izzy said...

Add the following:

Stem Cell Research:

Demoncrats: Ignore science in order to get more fertilized eggs to be destroyed to desensitize the public to abortion.

Republicans: Bush was right. Embryonic stem cells are not necessary to produce the new stem cell lines.

Dewey, Cheatem & Howe said...

Dream on dittohead, You're going to get your clocks cleaned next year, and everyone knows it. The GOP can't raise any money and they have so many retirements announced that there's not going to be many GOP incumbants around to run against at this rate.