Hillary's Debate Disaster Catching Up With Her

Well what do you know, at the merest whiff of adversity Hillary Clinton folds like a dinner napkin. Susan Estrich stated that Hillary "doesn't make mistakes", but of course that was untrue long before Hillary's disastrous debate performance last week (Norman Hsu, anyone? A scandal doesn't disappear just because the MSM won't cover it). Hillary was ill-served by a media that refused to challenge her, and by milquetoast rivals who couldn't fight their way out of a dressing room. As a result, she was left scrambling and confused when Tim Russert asked her a perfectly reasonable and run-of-the-mill question: does she support Eliott Spitzer's drivers' licenses-for-illegals program for New York? This was perplexing for Hillary because she was probably thinking "Tim, aren't you supposed to be protecting me? Why the hard questions?!??" Hillary doesn't know how to respond to hard questions, because she hasn't been asked any yet.

Now that poor debate performance is taking a toll on Hillary, according to the latest Rasmussen poll. The poll shows that Hillary has lost 6 percentage points against her next closest so-called rival, Barack Obama in New Hampshire.

The licenses-for-illegals program brought out the absolute worst in Clinton in both substance and image. She was at first in favor of it, showing that she panders to her base at the expense of the majority sentiments of Americans on this issue, showing how out-of-touch she is. (that same Rasumussen poll shows that "just 19% of Democratic Primary Voters in New Hampshire believe that drivers licenses should be made available to undocumented workers"). Then she flip-flopped once she figured out how unpopular the program was, showing how indecisive and unprincipled she is also. Finally, she attempted to obfuscate the issue through confusing clarifications, to the point where no one knows where she stands now. She out-Clintoned herself.

Oh I am sure that a diligent investigator could go to her website or call her campaign and find out what her latest stance on the issue is. Doesn't it seem like a huge waste of time however, considering how easily her principles change? She will maintain any given stance only as long as it proves expedient to do so.

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Zsa Zsa said...

Hillary is Soooo out of touch. IF she is our next President she will ruin the energy business. Not to mention what she has in mind for the medical world.