How Dumb Would You Have To Be To Fall For This?

TOKYO, Oct. 19 — On a narrow Tokyo street, near a beef bowl restaurant and a pachinko parlor, Aya Tsukioka demonstrated new clothing designs that she hopes will ease Japan’s growing fears of crime.

Show Urban Camouflage Deftly, Ms. Tsukioka, a 29-year-old experimental fashion designer, lifted a flap on her skirt to reveal a large sheet of cloth printed in bright red with a soft drink logo partly visible. By holding the sheet open and stepping to the side of the road, she showed how a woman walking alone could elude pursuers — by disguising herself as a vending machine.

Somehow, I think conceal-carry would be a better solution than this for preventing crime.

(h/t Never Yet Melted)


Eneils Bailey said...

"Somehow, I think conceal-carry would be a better solution than this for preventing crime."

You got that right, a little lead up the ass always has always been a much better crime stopper than than some far-fetched fashion idea.

A 12 gauge street-sweeper under that comical disguise would present a reasonable answer to street crime.

Bigfoot said...

She might want to put the lower part of her costume over her shoes, which are a dead giveaway.

nathan hale said...

The Japanese have been at the mercy of those with weapons since the general populace was disarmed in the 17th century. They have virtually no concept of self-defense, especially after the pacifist movement gained the upper hand in the aftermath of WWII. They are thoroughly brainwashed into believing Guns Are Bad.

Proposal: excellent. Prospects: nil.