Eid Mubarak, Indeed

Today is the Muslim holiday of Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan. The advent of this holiday also marks the end of the vaunted-yet-failed Ramadan Tet offensive, which by any measure has been a complete failure for al-Qaeda. Militarily, the only way AQ could win would be to inflict severe casualties upon the Coalition forces, but this never materialized. In fact, Coalition deaths went down during Ramadan: according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, coalition deaths this month average 1.42 per day, the lowest since March, 2006. Last month saw an average of 2.3, which was the lowest since June, 2006.

The other, and more important, half of the Ramadan Tet offensive was the campaign in Washington to have The Surge declared a failure and measures passed to force our troops out of Iraq. This was an equally dramatic failure for AQ, as the anti-war left tripped over itself with its embarassing 'Betray Us' ad and actually bolstered the pro-victory cause. Thanks to the crypto-patriots at MoveOn.org. We love you!

Update: The insurgents are too cowardly to fight real men, so they planted a bomb in a cart on a playground, killing two boys. The Reuters article tries hard to tie this attack to some kind of revenge for a previous attack by U.S. forces which regrettably killed some civilians as well as some al-Qaeda. AQ retaliates to U.S. attacks by killing Muslim children. Oh, that will show them alright!

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