Did Bob Kerrey Commit Hsuicide Too?

Well, you have to wonder now why he isn't running for senate:

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Democrat Bob Kerrey said Wednesday that he won't enter the race to replace retiring Sen. Chuck Hagel.

The former senator and governor cited family and unfinished plans at New School University, where he is president, in his decision not to run for the Republican Hagel's seat.

But, "I got much closer to saying yes than I thought I would," said Kerrey, 64.

Kerrey personally brought Norman Hsu in to serve on the board of the New School when Kerrey was president there. His relationship with Hsu was a personal one, in addition to a financial one, and this was bound to raise embarrassing questions for Kerrey in his senate race, as well as raising the visibility of the Hsu issue on the national stage as well.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is now in a great position to fill this senate seat with a real Republican, now that both Chuck Hagel and John Kerrey are out of the way.

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