D.B. Cooper Found?

Okay, we aren't supposed to root for the crook, but the D.B. Cooper story is just so cool . . . it's like pulling for Hannibal Lector at the end of Silence of the Lambs (admittedly an extreme example).

In 1971 D.B. Cooper (not his real name) grabbed a $200,000 ransom and stepped off the back of a 727 over the Cascades in Washington state and disappeared into history. Yes, he had a parachute.

HotAir points to a UPI article with this claim:

In an upcoming article, Lyle Christiansen, 77, claims his late brother, Kenneth, was able to elude federal authorities after committing the sensational crime 36 years ago, The Tacoma (Wash.) News Tribune said Wednesday.
I hope it isn't true - this is a much better story if it remains unsolved.

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