Crooks And Liars Screws The Pooch

The eponymously-named Crooks and Liars blog is having a terrible week. They were caught living up to their liars moniker by whitewashing Pete Stark's offensive comments from last Tuesday, and then pretended to wonder why the right was so upset with him. They claimed a 'coding error' was responsible for the mistake (I was thinking they would go for the 'its satire' angle, but they proved to be more creative in their dissembling). They also posted a poll asking whether Stark should apologize which went about 82% against them, stating that Stark should indeed apologize, and then laughably claimed that Charles Johnson instructed his minions to game the poll. A perusal of the LGF posts on the matter shows he clearly did no such thing.

Ever fearful of comments that might intrude upon their comfortable liberal bubble, they scrubbed away any hint that anyone in America could ever disagree with them, and replaced such comments with snotty editorials, and then closed the comments sections in the posts about Stark's comments and Johnson 'manipulating' the poll.

Well done John Amato. Lie, lie about the lie, send criticisms down the memory hole, and then fail to mention that, oops, Stark apologized for his remarks you 'modified' in order to claim they were not offensive. It says everything about your integrity and your grasp of basic blog ethics.

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