Americans Think Global Warming Is A Big Nothingburger

'Big nothingburger'. A fourth grader must have invented that puerile phrase. I promise never to use it again.

Anyway, the WaPo is reporting that less than 1% of Americans think global warming is their number one issue going in to the 2008 presidential elections, and ranked fourth-lowest among 23 issues according to a Pew Research poll. The article also reports that only 33% of Americans even consider global warming to be their top environmental concern.

Geez, it isn't like we aren't being constantly beaten over the head about this issue. It's odd that the more hysterical and alarmist the press gets over this, the less the public seems to pay attention. My guess is that the environmentalists have cried wolf, oh, about forty times too often, and now no one believes a damn thing they say.

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